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When Sophie and Carola - two international and like-minded profiles – met, they quickly realized they shared a passion for languages and interculturality.
Europe Talking was born!



They work with a network of hand-picked specialists, all of them experts in contemporary culture.

Sophie Fortier-Beaulieu

> co-founder


Sophie was born in France but grew up London and New York. She graduated from the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure in English linguistics. She writes and directs films, and translates all kinds of creative texts. She is an expert in all that is pop culture, cinema, fashion, lifestyle topics and contemporary literature.


Carola Trancart

> co-founder


Carola was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Paris, where she attended a French-English bilingual school. She has an MA in both Translation and Conference Interpreting and has developed a passion for anything even remotely related to languages and speech. She regularly sets up multilingual teams of interpreters for major conferences, seminars or bilateral meetings.


> Translation

> Transcreation


Translation is all about knowing how to find, understand and convey cultural, stylistic and linguistic specificities of source and target languages. It requires a subtle combination of accuracy and creativity. We know our translators well – it’s how we make sure we always choose the right person for each job.

areas of expertise


- Cinema

- Contemporary theatre

- Marketing and advertising

- Luxury, fashion and cosmetics

- Digital communication

(Apps, social networks, websites)

> Interpreting


Europe Talking can set up tailored teams of qualified and experienced interpreters, who work simultaneously from a soundproof booth, or, depending on the setting, will provide a consecutive or whispered interpreting service. Our aim will always be to offer you the best interpreting possible – which also means giving our interpreters the best conditions possible to do their work.

areas of expertise


- Finance and economics

- Energy and sustainable development

- Luxury, fashion and cosmetics

- Politics and diplomacy

- Cultural events

> Public Speaking


Help, I’ve been asked to speak in public!

Don’t worry! We offer a coaching service that is adapted to your needs and personality, an informed and entertaining way to turn public speaking into a fun and rewarding experience. Our coaches are good observers, they intuitively understand your needs, and they have exceptional communication skills.

areas of expertise


- International conferences

- Pitches (sales or cultural speeches)

- Oral exams

- Job interviews

- Interviews

> Writing


We write, proofread or rewrite anything you need in several languages. Our team includes journalists, scriptwriters, and linguists.

areas of expertise


- Pitches

- Press kits

- Grant applications (culture)

- Statements of intent

- Professional correspondence

- Advertising copy


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